The Absence Common Sense has Sent us Broke.

I have lost all Image result for pictures broken piggy bankfaith in the political process in this country. I no longer believe that those whom we have elected over the last decade have the ability to run this country. We are one of the most naturally wealthy countries in the world and we are broke. Governments are elected by the people to manage the assets of the country for the people. Our governments have manifestly failed. They have abrogated the powers of government to multi national companies and financial institutions many of which are not Australian and who have demonstrated they have no interest in the welfare of Australia. Our assets have been colonised and to all intents and purposes stolen to build financial empires in other countries.

Nobody is born with common sense; it is acquired over time and by experiencing the joys and hardships of life. The mistake we the electorate have made, is that with a few exceptions we have assumed that those whom we have elected to run our States’ and our country had benefited from life’s experiences and when we elected them had at least a modicum of common sense and some experience and skill in financial management. How wrong we have been.

Assuming the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are right about CO2, if Australia slipped under the ocean tomorrow or we all left the country the effect on the climate of the world by 2100 would be 0.0123 degrees cooler and the sea levels would be 2mm lower. These changes are so small they are unmeasurable.  Yet those who now govern our country want us to sacrifice our future and the future of the generations to come by showing the world how easy it is to double electricity prices, drive industry out of the country, let the lights go out and the poor go cold simply by following the prophets of environmental disaster.

Australia is a large island continent with a population of nearly 24 million, about the same number of people who live in two or three cities in China or India.

Australia is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. In 2016 Australia produced 55% of the world’s iron ore worth some US$35billion. In the same year Australia was the biggest exporter of coalImage result for pictures oil wells in the world worth US$28.3 billion (38% of total coal exports). Australia will soon be the biggest exported of natural gas (LNG) in the world. Australian coal is recognised the world over as being ‘clean coal’ and is in high demand for the most modern ‘high efficiency low emission (HELE) of power stations in the world, being built in Japan, China, India, Germany and other major industrial countries. There is no shortage of coal in the world, there’s plenty of dirty coal that many countries would like to sell. But the major countries in the world are climate conscious and they want Australian ‘clean’ coal to fire their HELE power stations.

The Minerals Council of Australia says there are more than 725 high-efficiency, low-emissions plants already in operation in East Asia alone.

A further 1100 plants are under construction or in the pipeline.

The IEA Clean Coal Centre says China’s embrace of HELE technologies has already reduced its annual emissions by 450 million tonnes of CO2.

“With HELE coal technologies such as clean as gas plants, countries accounting for nearly half of global C02 emissions are deploying these technologies to meet their emissions targets under the 2015 Paris Agreement,” the IEA says.

The IEA 2016 Outlook says coal generation is the most affordable energy option in East Asia and would remain competitive in 2025.

Last week it looks like the Australian government changed its mind about HELE technology, now recognised worldwide as being the most cost efficient way of generating base load power?  Our federal government has indicated it will step in and do what the state governments are unable to do, provide power when it is needed and at world competitive prices.  It is estimated that the new 1000MW Image result for pictures HELE power stationspower station using HELE technology will cost $2.2 billion, considerably less that we the $3.0 billion we are currently paying to the renewable industry to erect Chinese windmills and solar panels. Is it the job of the federal government to build power stations? The answer is no, but a succession of incompetent state governments have shown that they are incapable of thinking any further than the next election.

In a few years we will be the world biggest producer of natural gas. On top of that we have untold reserves of coal seam gas. In this energy hungry world rushing headlong into 2050 and 9 billion people we could be the energy capital of the world.

Given all of the above, how come Australia is broke and plunging further into debt as I write? For a bit of financial masochism go to the debt clock and watch for a few minutes how quickly our debt is mounting.

There is another record that Australia has which no other country wants and I reckon it’s the reason for all our problems — Australia has more politicians per head of population than any other country in the world.

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  1. The vast majority in Canberra are Global Socialists, like a cancer it eats away at the nation. There will be no recovery for 90% of Australians without nationalism but to see that will need a revolution against the UN / EU / WEF / G20 …. SI lot.

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