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If you’d like to become involved in the Global Farmer discussions, you’re invited to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section of each post.

We are looking for contributions, articles, from anybody who has an opinion on agriculture in Australia today – farmer, scientist, adviser, researcher, anyone. The Global Farmer is a ‘broad church’.

Please get in contact directing via email, regarding article topic suggestions, article submissions and sponsorship opportunities.

If you would like to make a donation then our bank details are R R & L Crook, Bendigo Bank, Mount Barker, Western Australia. BSB Number 633-000 Account number 137608295 or you can send any form of legal tender to 12/11 Stranmore Boulevarde, Bayonet Head, Albany 6330, Western Australia.

2 thoughts on “Feedback & Contact”

  1. Don’t you think it would be far better to be ingenious and use Australian produced ethanol than relying on overseas oil. Australian s are ingenious and can be self sustaining. Just need our smart young ones to adjust our equipment. There you go some new jobs just made.

    1. Sash
      I think we should be using more ethanol providing it is competitive with petrol, maybe the sugar industry has a Part to play? We have huge oil reserves but nobody wants. it seems, to exploit them.

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