Over the last five or six years I’ve written two novels, ‘Hearts of Stone’ and its sequel ‘Flight to Australia. I have copies available, signed, for A$25.00 a copy plus post and pack or both copies for A$50.00 including post and pack. Use the Feedback/Contact page to arrange an order.

Hearts of Stone

Hearts of Stone is a love story that starts before WWII. It is also a story about terrorism and political fanaticism. Not Moslems in the twenty first century but the Christian Irish in the twentieth century. Whether Terrorist or Freedom Fighter, the ‘cause’, is as old as Ireland itself. Brendan McGonigal exiled from Ireland as a student for his political views becomes a wealthy cattle dealer in North Wales and falls in love with Phyllis a medical student and daughter of a Welsh hill farmer. Their love further binds the ancient culture of two great Celtic nations.

Thirty years on David McGonigal, the only son of Phyllis and Brendan serves with the SAS in Northern Ireland and later with the Home Office Counter Terrorism Unit. He leaves the army and tries to forget his former life — then one placid night in Wales, hooligans threaten the landlord of his local pub. David goes to his aid and finds that there is another sinister and dangerous agenda. The pace is frantic to stop the killing, this time in the name of God, from starting all over again. (314pp)


Flight to Australia

In 1969, David McGonigal, the son of an Irish father and a Welsh mother thought the violence of Ireland was behind him when he left the SAS and a covert life in the British Home Office Counter Terrorism Unit. It wasn’t.

David shoots and kills a demented Catholic fanatic as he attempts to assassinate his mother, the famous Dr Phyllis McGonigal, a world leader in birth control and female reproduction. David’s photograph appears in the national press. He is recognised by old enemies in the Republic of Ireland. They try to kill him.

David’s grandmother, a politically powerful Irish woman, brokers a deal with the IRA. David and his new wife Barbara are exiled to Western Australia to live with his Uncle Paul. Forty years previously, this influential woman spirited Paul out of Ireland after he botched an IRA murder mission. The old lady called in old debts and they were paid.

Paul McGonigal is very rich. He owns land and gold mines and mineral assets that nobody knows about – or so he thinks. He leads a quiet life. The mineral boom has started and Paul is in the thick of it.

Flight to Australia tells the story of David and Barbara’s first month in exile. On their first day there is a bomb threat. David fears the IRA have reneged on the deal, but Paul is the target. Paul doesn’t know who they are or why they want him dead – but they keep on trying.

Flight to Australia is a story of love and tragedy and of love found again. From Perth to the Kimberley a breathtaking story of greed, violence and corruption in high places. (438pp)

What the press said about Flight to Australia

“This is an action-packed, detailed, whirlwind of a story – a credit to its author…set primarily in Western Australia involving the IRA and the SAS, political refugees, diamond mines, international scams, murder, tragedy and love! Roger Crook writes masterfully as he fleshes out this fictional story that spans the globe and breaths life into fictional characters.”
Wendy O’Hanlon, APN Newspapers

“Ireland meets Western Australia in this adventure, which covers all negative aspects of the human soul – greed, violence and corruption.”
John Morrow’s Pick of the Week